A Star-Studded Cast Brings the Heat

It would appear that Showtime’s new hit, “Yellowjackets” was destined for success the moment its cast list was announced. With Melanie Lynskey, who became famous for her performance in “Heavenly Creatures” over two decades ago, the show finds itself with an incredibly engaging and fascinating female lead, Shauna. As one of the high school players on the Yellowjackets team 25 years ago, Shauna was involved in the tragic plane crash that would take the lives of many of her teammates. Of course, it is not the plane crash that intrigues people all these years later — it’s the fact that the girls’ soccer team managed to make do in the wilderness for over 19 months after the pivotal event. The world can’t get enough of hearing about the remaining Yellowjackets, but the women just want to get on with their lives.

Escaping The Psst May Be Impossible

Shauna’s failing marriage serves as the catalyst for a lot of the shocking events that transpire over the course of the series. Although there are a lot of flashbacks explaining what happened when the girls were fending for themselves in the woods, what’s happening in the present time is every bit as compelling. Convinced that her husband, Jeff, is having an affair, Shauna finds herself charmed by the attentions of a stranger that she rear ends in her minivan. With Adam, she begins to regain some of her zest for life. It is not long, however, before Shauna’s daughter discovers the affair in a most uncomfortable way — and she has a lot of questions for her mother. Suddenly, Shauna’s entire existence is at stake.

A Character with Political Ambitions

Taissa is another fascinating character in this tale. Married to her wife for 15 years, Taissa is running for political office. She was one of the few girls that almost seemed to even flourish out in the woods after the plane crash. Discovering her leadership abilities, she was the first to try and lead an expedition out to contact the outside world. These days, though, she is under a lot more pressure. With a young son who’s experiencing trouble with schoolwork — and a crumbling marriage of her own — Taissa brings her own issues into the mix. With so many diverse and interesting characters, it is no wonder that “Yellowjackets” has become a hit for Showtime.