The controversial show “13 Reasons Why” was recently renewed for a third season. The third season will premiere in 2019. Brian Yorkey is the creator of the show. He stated that they will start filming the third season later this year. Katherine Langford, who played Hannah, will not be a part of the third season.

13 Reasons Why” is one of the most popular series on Netflix. People have praised the performance of the characters. However, some people have criticized the show. The show deals with touchy subjects such as teen suicide, depression, rape and self-harm. As a result of this, warnings have been added to the show.

Many mental health experts have stated that watching this show can be risky for young people. They stated that the show can actually push people to commit suicide. People who already have a history of depression may easily be triggered by the show.

Brian has released a trailer for the upcoming season. He has also revealed some details about what will happen in the new season. He stated that Hannah will still be the focus of the third season. However, the season will also focus on the young people and what they can learn from Hannah’s suicide.

Katherine has briefly talked about her departure from the show. She stated that “13 Reasons Why” will always be an important part of her life. She also stated that it is the first major role that she has had. She stated that she will still be connecting with fans of the show on social media. She also stated that she looks forward to having more roles.

The second season of “13 Reasons Why” has been extremely successful. Over 2.6 million people watched the debut episode. Over six million people had watched the show three days after the show premiered.