It’s been over 20 years since Kevin Bacon famously shouted, “RUN!” before being chased by man-eating worms in the cult classic ‘Tremors’. Fans of B-movie horror likely have been pining for the next high quality product within the ‘Tremors’ universe and it looks like they are finally going to get it. The SYFY channel picked up ‘Tremors’ for broadcasting and now it looks like we are going to get a full season of graboid goodness. Let’s dig in a little bit deeper to see the recent news to surface for what could be the biggest guilty pleasure TV series of all time.

While news and information regarding the ‘Tremores’ series has been relatively mum, what we have heard has been nothing but positive for fans of the franchise. Kevin Bacon will be returning to the franchise for the first time since the original movie back in 1990. Kilmer will be reprising the role of Val where he will star alongside Fred Ward who played the character Earl — his fellow handyman from the original film. outside of these two core announcements news has been super quiet on the casting front, at least until now.

It was just revealed that three young talents have been added to the roster. first up will be Emily Tremaine from the hit TV series ‘Vinyl’. Tremaine will be playing Val’s charismatic young daughter who heads back to the town of Perfection to re-connect with her father when things suddenly go very, very wrong. Megan Ketch, who starred in ‘Jane the Virgin’, will be joining the cast as a doctor who was saved by Val as a young girl from the graboid menace. She apparently harbors a romance with Val’s character that is understandably nuanced. Finally Shiloh Fernandez, from ‘Evil Dead’, will round out the cast. Fernandez has a much more mysterious character to play in the series.

While the TV series is looking like it’s all set to reinvigorate the franchise, don’t let the continuing sequels slight you. ‘Tremors’ fans have been enamored by the numerous follow ups to the 1990 classic even if they are, well, questionable in quality. The most recent release on the big screen will be ‘Tremors 6’ which will star Michael Gross in yet another turn as the lovable gun nut, Burt Gummer. The film will star Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy in their second romp together in the ‘Tremors’ universe.