The crew of a new drama series that is known as SEAL Team has taken to Los Angeles County where they made the final arrangement of transforming the area into the present day Afghanistan. They were able to arrange props on the barren outcrop. To make the scene look convincingly weathered, the crew painted some brownish liquid to the wood frame. Actor David Boreanaz was shooting a scene on the winding dirt road where his group of SEALS confronts some members of the Pakistani military. For many years now, the terrain of rural Los Angeles has been used as a backdrop for Hollywood Westerns and is now captivating people to use it as a theatre for war against terror. The move taken by television series such as SEAL Team has had a positive impact on the economy of California.

Los Angeles has a varying landscape that allows for dramas that have military themes requiring constant shooting for different parts of the world. For instance, it only takes about eight days for a single episode of SEAL Team to be completed successfully, if the crew has a week to prepare. The fact that locations are close gives the crew significant logistic advantages. On one episode of the Seal Team where the SEALs are sent on a mission to save people from a city in South Sudan that is under siege, the team used Pomona. The executive producer of this exciting television series Christopher Chulack says that his production intends to make it as real as possible since it is impractical to fake many landscapes.

As at 27th September, The SEAL Team had managed to register a viewership of 9.9 million. The show which is aired on CBS became the most watched show at 9 pm. The executive producer revealed that his show was a source of employment for close to 200 people. According to the series production designer Stuart Blatt, the whole management intends to identify a place where they can shoot as much as possible. By doing this, a lot of money that could have otherwise been used for transportation is saved. On its second episode, the SEAL Team used a blue cloud to represent Syria. Curtis Collins, a location manager on this series, revealed that California is easy to shoot at since it is well established, not forgetting that it has been used to film for so many years.