The highly-anticipated third season of Netflix’s Daredevil makes its debut in late 2018. Charlie Cox returns as Daredevil while Vincent D’Onofrio also returns as Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk. News and details about the third season have been slow to be revealed. Now, details become a bit clearer since the season has wrapped filming.

One very interesting reveal is the news the character of Sister Maggie debuts. In the comics, Sister Maggie turns out to be Daredevil’s mother and she played a huge role in the “Born Again” storyline crafted by Frank Miller. This new character should add another level of character depth and drama to the “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.”

Aspects of the “Born Again” narrative will find their way into season three. The Netflix series, however, has a completely different continuity from the comic books. Changes to the storyline likely will be made. Also, the third season must continue plotlines from seasons one and two as well as The Defenders. So, significant revisions to the “Born Again” narrative must be made.

The changes would be for the better. While outstanding, “Born Again” was known for its dark and dreary tone. While Netflix’s Daredevil definitely comes off as gritty, the series never embraced nihilism. Nihilism and a pure adaptation of “Born Again” would be inseparable. Netflix viewers would probably want something more upbeat. The makers of The Walking Dead certainly learned a lesson when they adapted the darker and more violent aspects of the comics to the series. Viewers were turned off and stopped watching.

Marvel Studios and Netflix both seem to maintain a stronger finger on the pulse of what fans want. The two won’t be quick to embrace elements of “Born Again” that might be off-putting. Of course, no one knows what to fully expect with season three until the anticipated late 2018 arrival occurs.