Manchester United’s head coach has asked midfielder Paul Pogba to challenge himself this season. He has asked him to offer everything he has to the team. Mourinho also suggested to him that he should focus while playing exceptional football for his current club. Paul Pogba impressed during the World Cup tournament. He showcased an exciting taste of football. He appeared to be in control of the ball and was consistently making tactical moves along the midfield. He bossed around as he played in his position. At the finals, the midfielder managed to score a superb goal that he earlier stroke but was blocked. During the dying minutes of the game, he had a clear chance of scoring a second goal after he was given a masterclass pass from Kylian Mbappe that came from a free-kick spot.

Technically, Paul Pogba assisted the French team to grab the World Cup trophy. France was crowned the 2018 World Cup winners for the second time. Paul Pogba play in the Russia world Cup tournament was backed by very challenging moments at his club level. The player spent most of the time in and out of the main squad. He suffered an injury that did keep him off the pitch for quite some time. When he returned, his form had dropped, that’s when Mourinho was forced to squeeze the best out of him. The manager told him that he had to match the Manchester record signing. He had to prove that he was worth the price. So far, Jose Mourinho believes that after Paul Pogba reports from his holiday, he will take up his responsibility and will perform as he is required.

The just concluded World Cup tournament proved that the player could concentrate and play football. Jose said in a statement that it was not all about getting the best out of Pogba. Everything was all about him giving the club the best that he can offer. He went on to say that, the World Cup is the best stage to stand and present the best play, which he delivered. It’s just a few weeks after the World Cup closed, so the players will still have the excitement of returning to the clubs for more competition. Mourinho urges Paul Pogba to maintain a cool head and think about nothing else other than football. This way he will be able to focus on each match.