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Check out all of the latest movie trailers - From Hollywood Blockbusters to Art House Features, we've got you covered.

First Trailer for Anthony Hopkins’ ‘Hitchcock’ Hits The Net

Watch the first trailer for Fox Searchlight's Oscar hopeful 'Hitchcock,' starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren.

Lindsay Lohan & James Deen Feature in ‘The Canyons’ Teaser

The brand new grindhouse-themed trailer gives a 70s look to a modern Los Angeles story starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen.

Watch The Brand New ‘Stoker’ Trailer

The new psychological thriller from director Park Chan-Wook stars Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode, and Mia Wasikowska.

New Trailer for Russell Crowe & Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Broken City’

Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg star in the gritty new action crime thriller, 'Broken City.'

New Jersey’s 007 Returns for ‘Die Hard 5’ Teaser Trailer

Bruce Willis returns for another outing as John McClane, the 007 of Plainfield, NJ, in Die Hard 5 - ' A Good Day to Die Hard.'

Watch the New ‘Lincoln’ Trailer

The new trailer for the Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' had a fitting debut following the first presidential debate.

First Look at Rob Zombie’s ‘Lords of Salem’

A rock DJ gets more than she bargained for when she spins a mysterious record in Rob Zombie's 'Lords of Salem.'

Watch Your Favorite Stars Doing Outrageous Things in the ‘Movie 43’ Trailer

The first trailer for the outrageously raunchy 'Movie 43' has been released, featuring a laundry list of stars, including Elizabeth Banks, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, and Terrence Howard.

Watch ‘The Guilt Trip’ Trailer

Seth Rogen stars alongside Barbra Streisand in the trailer for new comedy, 'The Guilt Trip.'

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