Akon is not only building artists, he also builds infrastructure!

You might have wondered where Akon is? He has almost vanished from the music scene, but that's a truth with modifications. His record label Konvict Kartel have had...

50 CENT is not going on tour with Chris Brown

According to, 50 CENT is not going to be a part of Chris Brown tour "The Party Tour". We don`t know why he is not going...

Casey Neistat, Ben Stiller, Jerome raises over 2 million dollars to Somalia!

Jerome Jarr posted a video about the current hunger crisis in Somalia, which have been forgotten in media.If you want to learn more about the crisis, we found...

Does Kygo have a girlfriend?

The Norwegian DJ/electronica artist Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll commonly known by his stage name Kygo have recently confirmed that he is in a relationship with the Norwegian girl Maren Platou. Kygo...

Adele Uses a Secret Twitter Account to Spy on Fans

Hello. It's Me. I'm just using my secret twitter account to stalk my fans and 'drunk-tweet'.

Priscilla Chan is Pregnant with Mark Zuckerberg’s Baby

The technology power couple have announced their first child.

Drake follows through on “Back to Back” Promise, Delivers Bottles to Charlamagne

Drake found the time to make a new friend in the middle of a rap beef that's escalating to epic proportions.

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