While it seems unlikely that we’ll see anymore superstar pregnancies prosthetic penises worn by popstars at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, there’s still a lot ot look forward to.

Last year’s VMAs will certainly be a difficult one to top – Let’s not forget that Beyonce set a record for the largest number of tweets per second on twitter, by simply rubbing her belly during the VMA’s – A simple act that became an incredibly gracious pregnancy announcement.

Let’s not forget last year was also when Lady Gaga put on a prosthetic penis and fully adopted her male alter-ego Joe Calderone.

Hopefully, this year’s VMAs will go much more smoothly that in past years (though we’ll certainly understand if you don’t share our sentiment 🙂 ).

There are a whole host of performances going down this year. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky will kick off the ceremony with a performance. Chris Brown is also rumored to be making an appearance. If he does show up, all all eyes will be on how he interacts with Rihanna after she called him the ‘love of her life’ in a recent interview.

Despite frontman Billie Joe Armstrong missing a concert earlier this week due to illnessGreen Day are also confirmed for a performance at tonight’s VMAs.

A battle of the British Boybands will also go down, with both One Direction and The Wanted due to battle for the ‘Best New Artist’ Award.

Pink, Lil Wayne, and Alicia Keys are also due to debut new single at this year’s ceremony.

In what is sure to be a highlight, Korean rapper Psy is due to present an award in what will be his first U.S. appearance after signing with Justin Bieber‘s manager, Scooter Braun.

Twihards would also do well sticking around for the whole ceremony, as a new teaser for ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ will also be debuted during the ceremony.

There will certainly be a lot to see this year!

The 2012 Video Music Awards kicks off at 8pm/7c on MTV. The show was originally due to start at 9pm, and end at 11pm. However the time was moved to give users time to catch Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention just after 10pm EST.

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