Courtesy of Interscope

Eminem is no stranger to going over the edge. The singer recently released his newest music video for the track, “Space Bound”, from his successful 2010 album ‘Recovery’.

The video depicts Mr. Marshall Mathers with his girlfriend, porn-star Sasha Grey, becoming more and more distanced from each other. Eventually he strangles her to death and in turn, shoots himself in the head with the gun.

The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, has a clear beginning, middle, and end, which shows the escalation of tensions between the couple, and leaves the viewer wondering what kind of message Mathers is trying to convey to his audience.

It is questionable why he would pick another violent image for this video considering that he is the father of three girls and, as the title to his album states, is recovering from his past and demons.

After the critical response to Rihanna’s violent “Man Down” video, it remains to be seen if the “Stan” rapper will receive the same critical treatment for this graphic video.

Do you understand Eminem’s message? For now, he’s silent on answering the questions left behind.

Watch Eminem’s “Space Bound” Video below.

Some viewers may find this video offensive – Viewer discretion is advised: