Courtesy of EMI

Coldplay have debuted the music video for their latest single from their hit album ‘Mylo Xyloto’.

‘Charlie Brown’ marks Mat Whitecross‘ second outing as a Coldplay music video director, following his elephant-themed work on the band’s earlier single ‘Paradise’.

Depicting a young couple stealing a car and taking it for a joy ride before arriving at a Coldplay gig, the intensely colorful video features footage of the band’s recent tour, where fans were filmed wearing flashing, multi-colored ‘Xyloband’ bracelets.

‘Charlie Brown’ is the band’s third release from ‘Mylo Xyloto’, which was made available of Spotify earlier this week, three months after the album was banned from the popular music streaming service.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin famously gave Whitecross just one days notice to fly from London to South Africa to film the video for ‘Paradise’, telling him: “I’ve come up with the idea, I’m going to dress up as an elephant on a unicycle. You need to bring four elephant suits and a unicycle with you.”

Coldplay are due to perform with Rihanna at the 54th annual Grammy Awards before going on to perform at the first Secret Policeman’s Ball to be held in New York City next month.

Watch the music video for Coldplay’s ‘Charlie Brown’ below: