Break ups are never something people plan to have. However, they are one of those things which most face quite unexpectedly. When we enter into relationships, we never intend to see ourselves without the person we are with. But, for whatever circumstance or reason(s), life sometimes brings our cherished relationships to a closing. As much as this hurts, music can be instrumental in our healing – pardon the pun, of course.

 After a break up, it’s not uncommon to go through the various stages of grief. It’s important that we feel to heal so that we may purge and prepare for our new beginnings. These songs can help you do just that.

1. Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande

 This song is a very soft, catchy song about moving forward in gratitude. Instead of holding onto resentment or bitterness, appreciation for all the lessons learned is a much more progressive outlook and approach after a breakup.

2. abcdefu by GAYLE

 It’s okay to be a little angry. Unlike our previous song by Ariana Grande, abcdefu is quite the expression of someone who’s fed up. It’s a great song to sing along to in the car with a group of friends after a tough break up. The chorus is especially catchy and humorous which is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

3. Sorry by Beyonce

 This unapologetic song by Beyonce is an empowering song for those who’ve been hurt by their ex. It speaks about leaving a situation that isn’t reciprocal. Instead of making excuses for someone, it’s best to raise your standards and uphold your boundaries, even if it means saying goodbye.

4. Say Something by Drake

 Say Something is a feel good song after you’ve worked on yourself and become a better version of yourself. If you’ve done the work and feel accomplished with how far you’ve come, this song will definitely make you a little cocky. It’s a very upbeat song when you want a pick-me-up.

5. Deuces by Chris Brown

 Sometimes an ending can bring great relief. If you’ve been in a relationship with relentless arguing and mistreatment, a breakup doesn’t always have to be a sad thing. This song exemplifies moving on to bigger and better things.