Brit rockers The Maccabees have unveiled details of the long-awaited follow-up to their 2012 album, ‘Given To The Wild.’

Due for release on July 31 the new album, titled ‘Marks To Prove It,’ was principally produced by The Maccabees own Hugo White, with help from the rest of the band and veteran producer Laurie Latham.

The album’s cover features the Faraday Memorial, which sits on London’s Elephant & Castle roundabout, which “captures an essence of a certain part of the record,” the band explained in a statement. “It is of the Faraday memorial, close to our studio. It is an extension of the albums intended association with the area it was made, which will be evident from the videos and beyond as well.”

If you’re wondering why the boys waited three and a half years to follow-up on their last success, they’ve been working meticulously to make sure everything was right before releasing their next body of work to the public. “These new songs are a reminder of why we started the band,” Hugo White explained. “With the enthusiasm to play music that’s exciting and makes us excited.”

Check out the ‘Marks To Prove It’ Track Listing Below:

  1. ‘Marks To Prove It’
  2. ‘Kamakura’
  3. ‘Ribbon Road’
  4. ‘Spit It Out’
  5. ‘Silence’
  6. ‘River Song’
  7. ‘Slow Sun’
  8. ‘Something Like Happiness’
  9. ‘WW1 Portraits’
  10. ‘Pioneering Systems’
  11. ‘Dawn Chrous’

The band debuted the album’s title track early last month. Watch the music video for ‘Marks To Prove It’ below: