In 2016, legendary singer and writer Leonard Cohen passed away at the age of 82. He had recently completed the recording of his album “You Want It Darker”. Many critics believed that this was some of the best work that Cohen had released in years.

Just before his passing, Leonard Cohen asked his son Adam to complete the work that the two has begun on the “You Want It Darker” album. There was some unreleased material that still needed some more work before it was ready for the general public.

Adam Cohen waited for seven months after his father’s death to begin working on the unreleased material. He brought in some of his father’s old collaborators to help him with the project.

The work on the unreleased material is complete, and a new album of Leonard Cohen’s previously unheard work will appear. The new album will be called “Thanks For The Dance”.

Dustin 0’Halloran is the composer of much of the music appearing on the new album.
Some of the people who worked with Leonard Cohen on “You Want It Darker” will once again appear on the new album. Reprising their work will be the Stargaze Orchestra along with Cantus Domus which is a choir based in Germany.

The first preview song released off of the new album is “The Goal”. This is a song that Cohen wrote that reflects on the fact that he was getting older, and he knew that he was nearing the end of his life.

This album project is not the only project that Adam Cohen has been involved with in trying to keep his father’s legacy alive. Last year, Adam Cohen brought out a book entitled “The Flame”. This is a book containing many of the poems and song lyrics that Leonard Cohen wrote in the months just before he passed away.