Muse have debuted “Madness,” the first official single from their forthcoming album ‘The 2nd Law’.

The track follows ‘Survival’ the official song for the London 2012 Olympic games.

Discussing the song in an interview with KROQ, frontman Matt Bellamy said “I wrote that song having a fight with my girlfriend, nothing particularly over the top but just having one of those moments where she leaves you for the day to think about it.”

“I wasn’t quite sure it would work with the band but when we started the album I showed it to Dom and Chris and they loved it. They sort of took it to another level by adding these extra parts at the end and it became a much bigger song. It’s a real surprise song for this album. It’s probably my favorite song that I’ve ever written.”

“Madness” incorporates electro-pop and classic rock, and features a guitar solo from Bellamy – a magnificent display of the Devonshire trio’s musical talents.

The band recently admitted they took inspiration from U2 in the creation of their 6th studio album following time spent with Bono and the boys on their South American tour last year.

“Madness” is now available for digital download. ‘The 2nd Law’ will be released October 1.

Check out “Madness” by Muse below:

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