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This is crazy. Travi$ Scott just shut down Lollapalooza.

The rapper took a page from Odd Future’s book and sparked a riot in Grant Park. According to multiple attendees, Scott went all punk-rock and told the audience to jump the security barrier and join him on stage.


Most of the audience supposedly hesitated at first, but after the first few people made it up on stage they just kept on coming. Lolla organizers deemed the conditions too dangerous to continue the show and forcibly removed Scott from the stage just minutes into his set before ordering security to shut everything down.

Billboard also reports that at least one arrest has been made in relation to the incident, with some attendees speculating that Scott was the one arrested.

Our sources on the ground are getting conflicting reports about what sparked the incident. Scott was already 30 minutes late for a set that’s supposed to last just 45 minutes, and a source suggests that an altercation with with security backstage that contributed to the rapper’s tardiness (and his attitude) when he finally made it to the stage. Others suggest that security let a photographer get a little too close to the rapper while he was performing. Or maybe, he was just being himself.

Whatever the reason, one thing remains true. Anything could happen at a Travi$ Scott show.


A statement from the Chicago Police Department confirms that Scott was, in fact, arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Just one of the hundreds of fans that rushed the stage was also charged with the same crime.