New York is currently and has always been one of the best cities for clubbing and nightlife globally. While tastes and trends have gone through many phases, the clubs in New York never run out of entertainment and fun.

Whether you are a visitor or a resident of New York and want to experience the best nightlife, there are certain clubs you should visit.

Avant Gardner

Located in East Williamsburg, this venue complex hosts the huge outdoor Brooklyn Mirage sanctuary plus several luxurious indoor rooms. The two indoor spaces in the venue are the King’s Hall with a capacity of 800 people and the 15,000-square-foot Great Hall.

During the summer, performers bring the party to life in the outdoor Brooklyn Mirage, but the party keeps going indoors during the cold months.


This is a perfect club if you love clubbing because of its state-of-the-art sound system, chill vibes, and sophisticated menu. Started by Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin, the 5,000 square feet space is perfect for you and your friends to dance the night away.

What makes it even more remarkable is that it opens during the day, which many clubs don’t.


If you are a fan of dancing through the night on a dance floor with lasers and smoke, this is the perfect club for you. It has a capacity of 700 people, which means that the dance floor is always filled with vibrant crowds.

This is also a perfect place to enjoy techno music from different local DJs, and sometimes you can enjoy a special appearance by a famous international DJ.

1 Oak

This is one of the most exclusive clubs in the city, and it has become a favorite among many people. It has a royal setting and trendy outtake, which has placed it among the top ten clubs in the city.

Because of its exclusivity, there is a high chance for you to see some famous people and celebrities partying in the club. However, to get into the club, you need to pay a lot more than you would in any other club.

House of yes

This club will give you one of the most exciting and unique clubbing experiences. Along with the dance floor and bar, House of yes is also a platform for various performing arts, and there are new artists almost every day.

Cinema tributes and special parties keep its clients waiting for the next day because they never know what to expect. To avoid the long queues, you should book your ticket in advance.

Trans Pecos

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy your drinks with friends, this is the place for you. It is open and suitable for all ages, with different music genres playing throughout the night.