Foo Fighting front-man Dave Grohl brought his concert to a dramatic halt and ordered a misbehaving fan to leave the venue – And it’s all on video!

The band was half way through the song “Skin and Bones” at the Roundhouse venue in Camden, London as part of the iTunes Festival when 42-year-old Grohl noticed a fan trying to start a fight in the mosh pit.

Grohl, who has never taken kindly to misbehaving audience members, immediately stopped the show and shouted, “You don’t f**king fight at my show you a**hole,” at a section of the crowd to try and stop the escalating fight.

Grohl then ordered the fan out of the venue, saying, “Hey, in the striped shirt, look at me right here motherf****r, look at me. Get the f**k out of my show right now,” which prompted cheers from the entire audience. Clearly he wasn’t going to put up with anyone throwing a (monkey…)wrench in one of his shows.

Ever the professionals, the Foo Fighters then picked up exactly where they left off, as if nothing even happened. The group went on to bring in a number of surprise guest performers later in their set, including Roger Taylor and Brian May of iconic rock band Queen, and Lemmy from Motörhead.

Watch a video of the confrontation below (Contains strong language):