HITALERT! Lately, we have been having a special love for Scandinavian music. You might have noticed our articles about Astrid S, Sigrid Raabe and Amanda Delara. Scandinavia and Norway, in particular, has a lot of exciting things happening in the music scene.

Today we found a new hip-hop artist named Kaveh. His song NO NO has one of the most hypnotic addictive verses we have heard in a while.  You should defiantly check it out, this might just be the next megahit.


We tried to find more info on Kaveh but it was really all in Norwegian. He is from Oslo in Norway and has been an artist since he was 16 years old. We took the time to go through most of his material on Spotify. It seems like NO NO is his first song in English. While we did not understand a lot of his other songs but they were sure catchy!