After much anticipation from her fans, Katy Perry finally released her latest music video for her single “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F).” Prior to its release, Perry posted a few videos of herself “dolled up” as an 80’s nerd, complete with headgear.

The usually gorgeous and bodacious Perry was almost unrecognizable with her huge bottle-rimmed glasses, turtleneck and high waist jean shorts.

The party scene that unfolds is one of epic proportions with celebrity cameos by the 90’s boy band Hanson guest starring as the band in the backyard, saxophonist Kenny G rocking on the roof, internet music sensation Rebecca Black as party hostess, and Glee cast member Kevin McHale as Perry’s crush.

The video wouldn’t be complete without a makeover, some product placement, and a few laughs. Black helps “makeover” Perry, much to the delight of the stereotypical jock at the party but his egotistical personality doesn’t win him over with Perry. Attendants at the party also play the Wii game “Just Dance” which Perry is known to lend a song or two to.

What really makes this video unique and entertaining is Perry’s spot on nerdy character and her many facial expressions. You can’t help but love Perry’s alter ego, Kathy Beth Terry, and fall in love with her all over again.

13-year-old Terry even has her own Facebook page where fans can express their admiration and love for Terry as she remains true to herself and her friends.