It has been confirmed! OutKast will reunite in 2014.

Rumors have been circulating for the past 12 hours suggesting an OutKast reunion is in progress for 2014.

Now, the rumors have been confirmed by P.Diddy‘s new media network RevoltTV, with internal chatter suggesting Diddy himself had to throw some weight around to make sure his journalists got a response.

They were able to confirm the iconic hip-hop duo featuring Andre 3000 and Big Boi will reunite for a tour in 2014. While no specific details are available just yet, the tour is expected to include a number of major music festivals (such as Coachella) along with a few select dates in big cities across the U.S. As for what comes next for the duo, nobody knows just yet. But this is excellent news for OutKast fans everywhere and it opens the door for new material from the of the pair, who are known for their willingness to fuse many different styles and genres into their music.

Since OutKast went on hiatus in 2007, Big Boi has released two solo albums while Andre 3000’s contributions have been mostly limited to guest collaborations and production credits. However, just two months ago Stephen Hill, president of BET programming, revealed Andre 3000 was planning to release a solo record. Could the record be the Love Below to a new Speakerboxxx Big Boi is secretly working on?

Watch the RevoltTV report on OutKast’s reunion here: