Popstar Adele has hinted she is set to record the next James Bond title song.

The popstar was the first guest to be interviewed on former BBC host Jonathan Ross‘ new talk show, ‘The Jonathan Ross Show.’

During the interview Ross asked Adele what her next project would be, to which she responded “a theme” before remarking that she’s “giving something away” suggesting that the singer was not meant to reveal anything yet.

The ’21’ singer accidentally confirmed that she would be going 007 as she blushed and rushed to add “No, It’s a concept, one song” after 50-year-old Ross started humming the James Bond theme.

“Adele has been approached to record title tracks. None have taken her fancy but when you look back at the iconic singers who have done Bond she’d be in prestigious company,” a source told British tabloid The Sun.

Ever since 1964 film ‘Goldfinger,’ Bond composers have invited a guest artist to record a title song to play after the iconic James Bond Theme, originally composed by Monty Norman.

Iconic Bond title themes of the past include Shirley Bassey‘s iconic ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Diamonds are Forever,’ Tom Jones‘ ‘Thunderball,’ Gladys Knight‘s ‘License to Kill,’ and Madonna‘s ‘Die Another Day.’

Jack White and Alicia Keys performed the last Bond title song ‘Another Way To Die’ for ‘Quantam of Solice,’ starring Daniel Craig.

Watch Dame Shirley Bassey perform ‘Goldfinger’ live at the 2011 Classical Brit Awards below: