The reemergence of vinyl LPs on the consumer music landscape really is shocking. Apparently, a great demand exists for this one-time outdated format. New releases on vinyl do seem to target collectors. Fans of Stephen King’s IT will be thrilled to learn a massive deluxe vinyl edition soon comes out.

No, the special edition LP won’t feature the soundtrack to the recent smash hit. The LP presents all the classic music from the original 1990’s mini-series that first brought Pennywise and The Loser’s Club to life. Waxwork releases the forthcoming deluxe edition and it is packed with cool things designed to appeal to serious fans.

The package comes with three full LPs, which includes a tremendous amount of music from the original mini-series. While the acting and direction of Stephen King’s IT both consistently received deserved accolades, the soundtrack found itself overlooked. With the release of the Waxwork deluxe edition, some long overdue acclaim comes the soundtrack’s way.

The three LPs aren’t the only items to be found in the special edition. A newspaper’s inclusion along with instructions on how to make a paper boat pays tribute to the notorious opening scene where Georgie meets Pennywise. The package also comes with a balloon, an appropriate gimmick considering Pennywise’s love for balloons.

The LPS will be specially colored in order to mimic the look of the balloons from the mini-series. Consider that another nice touch from Waxwork.

A release of this nature isn’t exactly going to go multi-platinum. A limited run of several thousand copies, hopefully, will connect profitably with collectors. The renewed interest and enthusiasm for IT should help move some units.

Fans of movie soundtracks benefit greatly if the deluxe edition of Stephen King’s IT sells well. Strongly sales would lead to more unique soundtracks getting a special edition release. Collectors definitely appreciate the arrival of more cool things.