Danny Boyle is considered one of the true cinematic auteurs in the industry and his credits range across a variety of different genres. One of his most celebrated films actually helped to kickstart the zombie craze, ’28 Days Later’. The film, starring Cillian Murphy, was co-created by writer Alex Garland. Since its’ release in 2002, fans have been introduced to the sequel, ’28 Weeks Later’, and now they are looking forward to a final film to round out the trilogy. With that being said, it seems like Garland and Boyle have essentially forgotten about their franchise — until now. Garland opened up to talk about a potential final film while waxing philosophical about some of his future work.

Garland appeared on Reddit, a popular web platform, in order to discuss his work and a Reddit user eventually got around to asking about ‘28 Months Later‘. You could almost tell that fans were holding their breath in preparation for the answer but it ended up not being what they had in mind. Garland kept his answer simple by saying that there are plans for a third project but that he doubts it will ever actually happen. While this answer was obviously a letdown, it definitely alluded to something interesting — the fact that Garland’s team still has their toe wedged into the door regarding a potential sequel.

For those that have seen ’28 Weeks Later’, they’ll know that there Jeremy Renner-led film ended with the infamous rage virus getting out of England and into France, setting the stage for a whole new landscape to explore. The cliffhanger was obviously meant to get fans clued in for another sequel but the film has been out for years and Garland’s team haven’t dared to make anything official — which is unfortunate given the clear cult status that the film still possesses.

Still, Garland hasn’t exactly been left wanting for work. The talented filmmaker won worldwide acclaim for his directing debut for the film ‘Ex Machina’ which starred Domnhall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, and Oscar Isaac. ‘Ex Machina’ set the stage for Garland to take control over future projects and that led Garland to take up the reigns of latest written/directed project, ‘Annihilation’ starring Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac. While fans are still waiting for the third ’28…’ film series, they’ll have to content themselves with other Oscar calibre fare from the talented filmmaker. Maybe one day Garland will get around to finishing off his project.