Uma Thurman has joined the cast of Nymphomaniac.

The ‘Kill Bill’ star has signed on for a currently unknown role in the Lars Von Trier epic, which stars Charlotte Gainsbourg as a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who recalls her past sexual escapades while recovering from an attack.

Stellan SkarsgårdShia LaBeoufJamie Bell, Christian Slater, and Willem Dafoe also star in the film

There is a real possibility that all the cast members, including Thurman, will take part in real sex scenes while the project is filming.

Speaking to MTV, LaBeouf explained there is a disclaimer at the top of the script written by Von Trier himself explaining that everything that happens in the movie is being done, “for real. Everything that is illegal, we’ll shoot in blurred images. Other than that, everything is happening.” Including the sex scenes.

Von Trier is an incredibly controversial director, having helmed 2009 horror ‘Antichrist, which also starred Charlotte Gainsbourg. Despite being beautifully shot and acted with conviction, the film was widely regarded as an atrocity for its content, which was extreme even by modern horror standards. His reputation as a provocateur stands not just in his movies, but also in his character, as he once explained that he ‘understands Hitler.’

Still, it’s possible he may scale things back for ‘Nymphomaniac.’ Despite LaBeouf’s  disclaimer Kirsten Dunst, who stared in Von Triers last film ‘Melancholia’ has expressed doubt that he would actually have real sex in the movie.

‘Nymphomaniac is currently being filmed in Cologne, Germany with both a rated and unrated version due for release in 2013.