Predicting how much money a movie of going to make on its opening weekend is an inexact science to say the least. However, it has become much more accurate than it used to be. There are many factors that studios use in an attempt to figure out how much money they can expect to make. “Birds of Prey” is a very heavily hyped movie released by Warner Bros. that takes place in the DC Comics universe. It features the return of Margot Robbie to her role as Harley Quinn. She generated a lot of positive buzz when she played the same character in the “Suicide Squad” film that was released a few years ago.

The current projections have the film taking home somewhere between $40 and $60 million in North America. That would be a good haul if this was just a regular film. However, this is supposed to be a blockbuster. If those estimates are accurate, it would be the lowest opening weekend gross for a film in the DC Comics universe. The good news for Warner Bros. if that the film is getting very solid reviews. This might encourage people to see the film who were on the fence about it.

“Suicide Squad” was a surprise hit when it raked in more than $130 million largely on the performance of Robbie as Harley Quinn. There is no doubt that the studio was hoping for a big opening with the publicity surrounding Robbie playing the popular DC Comics villain in this film. However, it does not look like that will be the case. The problem is that the film lacks a famous DC Comics superhero to attract people who are not hardcore comic book fans. Even the villain played by Ewan McGregor is not one that most people are familiar with. He is known as Black Mask.

One of the things that “Birds of Prey” has going for it is the fact that there are not any other big comic book movies that are coming out this month. In other words, they will not have any competition in terms of the demographic the film is trying to attract. “Sonic the Hedgehog” is coming out this month. However, that is a family movie that little kids will be seeing. “Birds of Prey” will be rated R. It is clearly going after an adult audience that most comic book movies ignore.