There was a lot of publicity surrounding the release of “The Call of the Wild” starring iconic actor Harrison Ford. The movie is yet another adaptation of the classic novel by Jack London. There have been several movie versions of this story over the years. The most notable version starred Clark Gable. Unfortunately, the latest version has not lived up to the expectations of audiences. It has not made nearly as much money as Disney had hoped. Actually, that is a bit of an understatement. It is now estimated that the film will lose roughly $50 million when all is said and done.

The film had a respectable opening weekend. The problem is that “The Call of the Wild” cost a fortune to make because of all the computer animation that was involved in creating the dog that is prominently featured, reports Cinema Blend. If the film had a more modest budget, it might be on its way to making a profit. However, this film was so expensive to produce and market that it needed to be a huge box office smash in order to make money. That is clearly not going to happen now.

There has been a lot of speculation about why the film has not been able to attract the audience that Disney was hoping for. After all, the story is beloved and Harrison Ford is one of the biggest actors in the history of show business. The general consensus is that people are sick and tired of so much computer animation being used to create animals and other things from real life. Many people have posted comments online that have said the movie should have been made using a real dog. There have also been complaints about the fact that the movie does not follow the original book as closely as it should.

Disney bought the Fox movie studio and they paid a lot of money for it. However, Disney has not had a lot of luck with the movies that were already in development by Fox when the purchase was made. Last year, the X-Men film “Dark Phoenix” was a box office disaster. It was originally a Fox film that Disney acquired. Once again, Disney has been left with a huge bomb by Fox in the form of this “The Call of the Wild” movie. However, Disney has been doing very well lately. They will be able to absorb this loss.