One of the most acclaimed directors in the history of movies is Peter Jackson. He has won an Oscar for his directing efforts. He is respected by all of the people he has ever worked with for his talent and dedication to his craft. He made a name for himself with the brilliant work he did on the “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” films. He has been working on a much different type of film lately. He has been directing a documentary film that chronicles the last days of The Beatles. It was just announced that the film will be officially released on the fourth of September this year. “The Beatles: Get Back” will be the official title of the film.  

Peter Jackson has been a huge fan of the Beatles for all of his life. He grew up listening to their music. Therefore, he has said that it is a dream come true to direct a film that is about the band that he worshiped so much in his younger days. He and his team have been given access to many hours of footage that have never been seen before by the public. Peter said that one of the toughest things about making this movie was deciding which footage would make the final cut. He is proud of the finished product and he can’t wait for Beatles fans all over the world to be able to see it.

Peter Jackson has been very pleased that he has received the full cooperation of the companies that own the rights to much of the classic footage of The Beatles. He is also happy that the videos were in such good condition after all of these years. They did not need to have a lot of very expensive restoration work done on them in order to make them good enough to use in the film. The videos have been very well preserved for 50 years. Peter has been teasing Beatles fans by saying they are in for a very big treat.

The Beatles documentary by Peter Jackson comes on the heels of a war documentary that he produced and directed. These films are obviously a very big departure from the large budget fantasy movies that he has been known for. However, he has said that he needed a change. It is very stressful to be in charge of literally thousands of people.