Summer Blockbusters: Green Lantern

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Yet another Comic book adaptation is due to hit the big screen this summer, this time from DC Comics.

‘Green Lantern’ tells the story of Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) as he becomes the first human to be chosen as a member of the Green Lantern Core, a group of intergalactic peacekeepers. Each Green Lantern becomes the proud owner of a power ring, “the most powerful weapon in the universe.” Essentially the infinite power contained by the power ring seems to rival the powers of all superheroes inhabiting the comic book world, as it provides protection, strength, the ability to fly, the ability to pass through solid objects, invisibility, the ability to cut through time and distance…the list is endless!

When Earth becomes threatened, Hal proves himself an honourable recruit in the fight of good against evil resulting in some epic battle sequences. Thus despite rival comic movies due for release this summer, Green Lantern’s Avatar like graphics, and suitability for Real D 3D ensures that this release will be a great box office success.

Green Lantern will be released on 17 June, 2011.

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