Colin Farrell stars in the trailer for Seven Psychopaths, a black comedy from In Bruges writer and director Martin McDonagh.

Seven Psychopaths centres on Martin (Farrell), a struggling screenwriter who inadvertently discovers there is no love greater than that between a man and his dog.

When Martin’s rather dishonest, albeit hilarious friends dog-knap the beloved k-9 of a much feared gangster, they find themselves thrust into the gangster underworld, travelling across barren landscapes in an attempt to escape inevitable retribution.

Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken star as entrepreneurial dog-nappers Billy and Hans; while Woody Harrelson plays the psychopathic gangster pining for his shih-tzu.

The trailer places a high emphasis on the comedic elements of the film, offering an alternative take to traditional blood and gore gangster movies. However there are plenty of hints to violence and guns throughout the trailer suggesting a perfect balance between comedy and action.

Seven Psychopaths hits US Screens October 12, and UK screens December 7.

Check out the Seven Psychopaths trailer below: