The trailer for Academy-award winning director, Martin Scorsese‘s newest film, Hugo, has been released to the delight of fans. Despite going in a new direction from his more violent films of the past, such as Goodfellas and Gangs of New York, critics already have high expectations for the film.

It is Scorsese’s first 3-D family friendly film. It stars up-and-coming child actress Chloe Moretz of ‘Kickass’ fame and actor Asa Butterfield as two children looking for the answers to questions left behind by Hugo’s (played by Butterfield) father (Jude Law) as a private investigator (Sasha Baron Cohen) follows close behind.

The film, based on “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” by Brian Selznick, is scheduled for release on 23rd November, 2011.

Are you excited for Scorsese’s adventure?