Courtesy of GreeneStreet Films

The first trailer for the star-studded and incredibly offensive ‘Movie 43’ has been revealed.

The movie sees a laundry-list of A-List celebrities break out of their usual roles and into the R-Rated comedy world.

Elizabeth Banks, Halle BerryHugh JackmanKristen Bell, Kate WinsletKate Bosworth, Emma StoneUma ThurmanTerrence Howard, and Richard Gere make up a modest selection of the ridiculous cast of Hollywood elites.

With numerous Oscar nominees (and a few winners…) reduced to base hi-jinks like playing pranks on disabled children and encouraging their partners to defecate on their face, this isn’t the place to look for strong plot lines and continuity. However, in its place, ‘Movie 43’ promises a hilarious selection of offensive story lines amplified by the juxtaposition of ‘serious’ actors playing these roles.

The trailer features vignettes from a selection of the 25 largely unrelated comedy shorts in the movie, taking inspiration from raunchy 70’s comedies like ‘Kentucky Fried Movie.’

Led by Peter Farrelly of The Farrelly Brothers (‘Something About Mary,’ ‘Dumb & Dumber’), ‘Movie 43’ took 12 directors almost four years to get right. Described as “one of the most original comedies ever made,” the film is sure to serve up strong laughs when it is released on January 25, 2013.

Watch the Red Band trailer for ‘Movie 43’ below (Very NSFW!):