Prior to the showing of The Dark Knight Rises, IMAX fans were given a preview of next year’s Man Of Steel.

The film is the latest addition in the Superman franchise, with directorial duties given to Zack Snyder. Snyder has had his hands in the comic-to-film adaptation game for several years now, emerging with 300 in 2006 and Watchmen in 2009.

It’s the first film in the series since Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns in 2006, starring Brandon Routh as the legendary superhero.

The teaser leaves a lot to the imagination, only showing Henry Cavill, who will play the role of Clark Kent/Superman, doing anything superhero related in the trailer’s final seconds. The majority of the 1:38 teaser showcases Snyder’s new-found affinity for cascading cinematography, suggesting a completely different look at the origin story than the series’ previous films.

After Singer’s somewhat maligned attempts to restart the franchise, Warner Bros. used the guidance of Christopher Nolan, the director of the recent Batman trilogy. Nolan took the role of executive producer, enlisting Snyder to direct what may be the biggest film of his career.

Man of Steel is slated for release June 14, 2013.

Watch the Man of Steel teaser trailer below: