Anchor Bay Films has released the first trailer for ‘The Lords of Salem,’ the newest horror vehicle from Rob Zombie.

Zombie wrote and directed ‘The Lords of Salem,’ which looks to be another creepy, atmospheric scare-fest that will satisfy Zombie fans.

The former front man of the heavy metal band White Zombie turned film director is known for films that are both stylish and gory. His previous releases include a ‘Halloween’ remake and ‘The Devil’s Rejects.’

Judging from the trailer for ‘The Lords of Salem,’ Zombie has not strayed too far from his signature style with his latest effort.

Heidi Hawthorne (Sheri Moon Zombie), a rock station DJ receives a vinyl record in the mail along with the message, ‘a gift from the Lords.’ When she spins the record, it starts to play backwards and she flashes back to a past trauma.

When Heidi plays the track on air, it is a massive hit and she receives another package in the mail with all the materials for the station to host a rock spectacle featuring the band. The tagline is “the original Lords of Salem are returning, and the are out for BLOOD” – Not that you could guess the plot specifics from the trailer, which is a whirlwind of witches, devil horns, crucifixion, chanting, fire and religious imagery.

Sound crazy? Absolutely, but it also looks like creepy, cool fun for those with strong nerves and a strong stomach.

‘Lords of Salem’ is produced by Blumhouse Productions, the company behind ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Insidious.’

‘The Lords of Salem’ is due out sometime in 2013.

Watch the trailer for ‘Lords of Salem’ below: