Due to his familiar looks, not to mention his rather recognizable name, Colin Hanks, son of ‘Cast Away’ actor Tom Hanks registers strongly on the Hollywood radar. However until now, Colin has been resigned to relatively small roles, such as speechwriter #1 in ‘W’ and the leading man, Oliver, in the less than successful movie, ‘House Bunny’. Fortunately 2011 may be Colin’s breakthrough year as he bravely disregards his father’s good guy image in the new black Comedy, ‘Lucky’.

Winning the lottery has given Ben Keller (Hanks) everything he could possibly wish for; love, happiness, money and the ability to pursue his life long dream of becoming a serial killer. After marrying gold-digger love obsession Lucy (Abi Graynor), Ben goes on a frenzied rampage killing women that bare any resemblance to his new wife.  Luckily for Ben, Lucy is rather forgiving and gets in on the act.

The role provides some convenient work experience as Hanks will be playing a similar role in the upcoming series of the dark TV comedy, ‘Dexter’.

‘Lucky’ hits US theatres on July 15.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.



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