Riding high on the success of “Stephen King’s It,” director Andy Muschietti has announced a team-up with Anthony and Joe Russo. The Russo Bros. co-directed the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and currently run their own production office aptly named Russo Brothers Studio. At the center of the team-up is a film adaptation of “The Electric State, ” an intriguing science-fiction work. “The Electric State” isn’t a novel, but a narrative art-book. The art truly is visually exceptional. The narrative depicted in the artbook definitely captivates people who examine the book. The original concept behind the narrative makes it a unique work that could turn into a fantastic movie.

The plot of “The Electric State” focuses on a tale of the future set in the past. Actually, the film’s setting occurs in an alternate reality. The year is 1997, but it is a very different 1997. Images of 50 years in the future already exist in 1997. Amidst this strange landscape, a runaway girl travels through this strange, alternate version of the United States with her robot companion. A lot of interesting events follow.

The fact that several studios were involved in a bidding war over this project shows the science-fiction genre isn’t as dead as some assume. Several high-profile box office flops were science-fiction films. Conventional wisdom dictates studios would shy away from non-established franchises in this genre. Yet, greenlights on this film and other projects such as “Ready Player One” shows science-fiction films aren’t going to slow down in the production pipeline. Unless several studios suffer more futuristic sci-fi flops, the genre won’t totally disappear from the silver screen.

A partnership between Muschietti and the Russo brothers does help the odds of any film getting made. All three are associated with A-level hits. Audiences may react positively to any project the three release. The unique nature of “The Electric State” may further pique audience interest and do so globally. As long as the budget doesn’t find itself out of control, “The Electric State” has a chance of being a sci-fi hit as opposed to a miss.

The release of the film is many years off. Hopefully, the dark cloud of dismal box office receipt from projects such as Blade Runner 2049 will have lifted. The science-fiction genre remains home to many brilliant works deserved of big screen adaptions. “The Electric State” may even launch a new cinematic science-fiction movement if it connects strongly with fans.