According to current rumor, the upcoming New Mutants movie is going to reshoot about half of its runtime, in the process adding new characters and trying to make it more frightening.

This comes shortly after the announcement that the film will be pushed back an additional six months, after having already been moved almost a full year. It was originally planned for April 13, 2018, before then being moved to February 22, 2019; with this newest delay, it will not come out until August 2, 2019.

New Mutants is a spin-off from Fox’s X-Men franchise, but will feature new protagonists and a very different tone—basically, it is a horror movie with superpowered mutant teenagers. This comes on the heels of Deadpool, which won much acclaim and money by combining a superhero plot with a raunchy comedy, and Logan, which likewise got success as a sort of modernized superhero Western.

According to the website, director Josh Boone was happy with his initial cut of the movie, but the studio wanted something that went even further in the vein of a horror movie. The new version will also add one or even two new characters in major roles, necessitating somewhere around half of the movie to be redone.

Aside from their disappointment about the delay, this news is sure to make fans feel wary about the final product. While some movies undergo huge reshoots and still wind up good—Star Wars: Rogue One, for example—recent years have seen several superhero movies that wind up incomprehensible messes because of a studio’s desperate attempt to fix them, particularly with superhero films like Fantastic Four, Suicide Squad and Justice League.

The idea of adding major characters is particularly surprising. The cast already has six protagonists, which would be hard to juggle already; adding more, and then trying to give them sufficient character development in the half of the film that is being redone, is certainly a risky move. As it stands, we do not know who these new characters will be or why anyone behind the scenes thought that it was so important to include them.

For now, fans will just have to hope that this will ultimately turn out for the best, seventeen months from now when the movie finally comes out.