People who have been following the DCEU will all admit that it has not been having a good streak. Even with an arguably strong start with Man of Steel, everyone can agree that it has all started quickly falling apart with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Suicide Squad is also another failure in the universe. It is looking like Justice League is going to join the duds in the universe with the reviews coming out rather negative. So far, the only really good movie in the franchise is Wonder Woman. There are hopes for some good solo Batman movies.

As of right now, Marvel is the shining star in comic book movies. They seem to be churning out hit after hit. At the same time, Marvel is not without it’s duds. Marvel had a strong start with Iron Man, only to be followed by Incredible Hulk which was not as strong. Later on Iron Man 2 was released which was considered to be pretty weak. Marvel was working towards bringing together the Marvel Characters for The Avengers. DCEU tried the same thing, but it didn’t work. For one thing, Marvel took its time to introduce the characters where DC has rushed all of the characters.

Gone are the days when people looked forward to a DC movie. Then again, whenever people have anticipated a DC movie, it was always Batman. This was the only character that the movies have done justice to. Superman was also a faithful movie before Batman V Superman. Man of Steel had some great developments given that Chris Nolan stayed on as producer. It doesn’t help that there was a lot of studio interference in some cases. Even with the studio having its input on Marvel films, it still worked out a little bit. The major problem in the DCEU is that everything was rushed.