One of the former “Big Bads” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is skeptical about the idea of rebooting the series.

Clare Kramer played Glorificus/Glory, the main villain of Buffy‘s fifth season. A favorite among fans, Glory was a vain, spoiled diva who also happened to be a nigh-invincible god from another dimension, and was willing to destroy our world and kill Buffy’s sister in order to get home.

Kramer is also known for her role as Courtney in 2000’s Bring It On. She is the hostess of the podcast Take Five with Clare Kramer and co-founder of GeekNation.

She made her comments in an interview with, when asked about the possibility of reviving the series. “No! Nobody wants it,” she said, and then added, “I think people are interested in what is happening with it but I don’t think true Buffy fans want it unless it’s with the original cast, which I don’t think will happen.”

There have been talks about continuing the show basically since it ended in 2003. Initially, there was much talk about spin-offs about the various characters, and an animated series actually got far enough along to have an official promo. All of these attempts fell through, though.

Recent years have heard talk of remaking the original Buffy movie (which is not strictly in continuity with the show) and rebooting the series, in both cases without the involvement of creator Joss Whedon. This is blasphemous to many fans (though some rumors say that the studios were hoping to get him involved by threatening to go forward without him). Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played Buffy, is equally dismissive of the idea.

In its time, Buffy was an incredibly popular show, and it has proven quite influential. Its fanbase is still strong, and a comic book continuation (with Whedon and other writers from the shown involved) has been made. It was one of the first really successful female action shows and had a major influence on pop culture, inspiring other supernatural, quippy programs and the use of so-called “Buffy speak.”

Will the show eventually get revived? Fans seem to dislike the idea, so it may not be worth it to try. As iconic as Buffy was, Kramer may be right about its time having already passed.