One of the most celebrated actors of the past 20 years has been Leonardo DiCaprio. He finally won an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in “The Revenant” three years ago. He has not released any movies since then. However, there has been a recent development that will have all the fans of Leo very excited. It seems that he will be teaming up once again with the director that he has had his greatest success with. He will soon be making his fifth movie with Martin Scorsese. The pair has done some of their best work together. The last film they made together was “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Their new project will be called “Killers of the Flower Moon.” It will be an adaptation of a very popular book that was written by author David Grann. The plot involves the killing of Native Americans after oil was discovered on their land around 100 years ago. Locations are currently being scouted right now. The film will most likely begin production some time in the summer of next year.

Both DiCaprio and Scorsese are currently involved in other projects that are taking up a considerable amount of their time. Scorsese is doing a movie for Netflix called “The Irishman” about the life of Jimmy Hoffa. It will star Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. It will be released in 2019. Leo is still filming his latest collaboration with Quentin Tarantino called “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” with Brad Pitt. That will also be released in the second half of next year.

DiCaprio has acted very sparingly over the past several years. He is choosing his movie scripts very carefully in order to keep the quality very high. He believes that many actors fall into the trap of doing lots of movies just to make some extra cash. However, Leo has firmly taken the opposite approach. He understands that his legacy will be judged by the quality of films that he does. Therefore, he makes sure that the project will be high quality before he commits to it.

The films that Leo makes usually take a long time to produce. Therefore, he also needs to set a great deal of time aside to film them. “The Revenant” was a great example of this. The filming took many months in uncomfortable conditions. However, Leo believes the finished product was well worth the effort.