For those of us eagerly awaiting Lindsay Lohan‘s return to the screen, Lifetime has set the date.

Be it a legitimate comeback or an off the rails train wreck, ‘Liz and Dick’ will premiere on the Lifetime network Sunday, November 25.

‘Liz and Dick’ marks Lohan’s first acting gig since her cameo role in 2010’s ‘Machete.’

The film will premiere just in time for Thanksgiving weekend and has the potential to draw in viewers of all ages. From older women who are eager to see the love story between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton play out on the small screen to younger viewers more familiar with Lohan’s tabloid hi-jinks, viewing ‘Liz and Dick’ could be a cross-generational affair.

“When you go to the Lohan Factor, she brings the curiosity factor and a generation of audience that might not even know who Taylor and Burton are,” said executive producer Larry Thompson.

‘Liz and Dick’ spans 40 years and Lohan has 66 costume changes in the 88-minute movie.

Grant Bowler co-stars as Taylor’s long time love Richard Burton in the Lifetime movie directed by Lloyd Kramer.

Watch the ‘Liz and Dick’ trailer below: