Leonardo DiCaprio often finds himself as the top cast billing in high profile Hollywood movies, a true Hollywood star. I guess it’s therefore apt that DiCaprio be considered as the potential male lead in Clint Eastwood’s new movie, ‘A Star Is Born.’

As any knowledgeable film buff will inform, Eastwood’s version will be the forth remake of the movie which first hit screens in 1937. The film tells the story of an up and coming female singer who falls in love with an established, but troubled, Hollywood talent.

Despite Beyoncé already having been confirmed as the female starlet referred to in the title, the movie is still in its very early stages. Due to this DiCaprio is merely in talks with Eastwood and no official agreement has been made.

If DiCaprio were to play the role of the aged, alcoholic mentor whom Beyonce’s character falls in love with, Warner Brothers would have to find a break in DiCaprio’s busy schedule. At the moment, Leo is shooting scenes for Eastwood’s latest movie, ‘J. Edgar’, an appropriate place for talks between the pair to take place. He is then due to take the lead in ‘The Great Gatsby’ and if rumours prove true will also star in Calvin Candie’s ‘Django Unchained.’

With or without DiCaprio, ‘A Star is Born’ is, at the moment, due for release in late 2012.