One of the most respected actors currently working in show business is Joaquin Phoenix. He has taken on many different roles in his career that have displayed his unique gift for being able to play a diverse assortment of characters. It had been rumored for a very long time that Joaquin Phoenix will be starring in a movie as the Joker, the beloved Batman villain. However, the project had many problems getting underway. The script was rewritten several times and Warner Bros. removed the movie from their schedule at least twice. Finally, Joaquin officially signed a contract to be in the film and things have been progressing smoothly ever since then.

‘The Joker’ starring Joaquin Phoenix will be released on the opening day of the fourth of October, reports It has been directed by Todd Phillips. He is best known of directing “Welcome to the Dollhouse.” A new poster was just released for “The Joker” which shows Joaquin in his makeup for the first time. However, they do not show a complete view of his face. This is by design because they want to keep him shrouded in mystery. There have not been any plot details released about the movie to this point. However, it has been confirmed that Batman will not be in the movie.

The character of the Joker dates all the way back to 1940. He made his first appearance in the first issue of the famous Batman comic book. He has gone on to become arguably the most important villain in the history of comic books. The Joker has also been portrayed in movies on a couple of memorable occasions. The first “Batman” film in 1989 directed by Tim Burton featured the classic performance of Jack Nicholson as the Clown Prince of Crime. However, Heath Ledger gave what many people believe to be the definitive Joker performance in “The Dark Knight.” He was given the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for this role posthumously after he died from an accidental drug overdose.

The one tidbit that has been revealed about the story is that it will not follow the Joker mythology that can be found in the comic books. Todd Phillips revealed that the story will be quite different than anything fans of the character have seen before. However, he would not elaborate any more on that. Fans have theorized that the film will give the Joker a new origin.