There have been many rumors that have surrounded a possible film based on the popular board game “Clue” made by Hasbro. The rights to the film are jointly owned by Fox and Disney. There are been some recent developments in this project that have created some buzz in the show business world. Ryan Reynolds has been attached to star in the film. He has been a big star for a long time. However, the “Deadpool” series has made him one of the biggest stars in the world. There was also big news that Jason Bateman was trying to negotiate a deal to direct the film. Bateman might also appear in the film. That has not been confirmed yet.

Bateman just won an Emmy award for his directing on the “Ozark” Netflix series. Therefore, he will be in very high demand as an actor. The talks are in the very early stages. Reynolds has been trying to get the “Clue” project off the ground for a number of years. However, getting the financing and finding the right script have proven to be much more difficult than he thought they would be.

One of the biggest issues regarding Bateman directing “Clue” will involve his very busy schedule. He is currently in the process of making the new season of “Ozark.” This will take up a lot of his time. He has already agreed to direct a pair of episodes. Therefore, the “Clue” movie would not be able to start production for a long time. The production of “Ozark” will take several months. It is not known how far along Disney or Fox are in terms of getting the “Clue” project off the ground. No other casting announcements for the film have been made. It would seem likely that Bateman could finish “Ozark” and then start filming “Clue” next year.

This would not be the first attempt at a “Clue” movie. There was also a film that came out more than 30 years ago. It has become a bit of a cult classic. It is not known what changes the new film would be making to the story. The object of the original board game is to figure out who committed a murder, in what room of a house they did it and what object they used as the murder weapon. The game is considered a classic and has been in print for decades.