MGM and Columbia Pictures are using the hype surrounding 007’s grand entrance at the the London Olympics to the best of their abilities in promoting this fall’s newest addition to the James Bond series, Skyfall.

Aside from his appearance alongside Queen Elizabeth in the game’s opening ceremony last Friday, Skyfall trailers have been littered throughout the ongoing broadcast, including this new teaser from the film’s website.

The 23rd official Bond film is the third for leading man Daniel Craig, who stars alongside Oscar winners Javier BardemJudi Dench and Bond newcomers Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris. The teaser highlights the newest additions to the series in a short 30 seconds, directed by Sam Mendes; and in usual Bond fashion, not too much about the film is revealed.

Skyfall is scheduled for release November 9 in the US, and October 26 in the UK.

Watch the new ‘Skyfall’ teaser below: