Indie film co. Emmett/Furla Films has picked up several board-game-inspired projects, including one for ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos.’

Released in the late 1970’s, the classic Hasbro game pit four players against one another on equal sides of a square as toy hippo, collecting marbles before their opponents could gather them.

Alongside the project, Emmett/Furla has picked up several other board game inspired movies after Universal decided to forego several of the efforts. Included are a ‘Monopoly’ inspired film, which has been in the works for half a decade, and an ‘Action Man’ inspired movie.

The details of what the ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ project could look like would are not yet available; however, the ‘Action Man’ will likely follow the standard action movie formula seen may times in the past.

‘Action Man,’ which was directly adapted from the U.S. toy G.I. Joe, would star a British lead. It could potentially share production values with the previous ‘G.I. Joe’ film installments. The second one of which, ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation,’ was originally due to premiere earlier this year before suffering significant delays. Deadline reports a significant portion of the film is being re-shot after test audience reacted with overwhelming negativity at the death of Channing Tatum‘s character in the opening minutes of the film.

In response to news of the ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ movie, the Film School Rejects put together an amusing fake trailer for the film.

Check out the fake ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ trailer below: