Exciting news for Pixar fans: a sequel has been announced for the 2003 Oscar winning animated movie, Finding Nemo.

The news is hardly surprising given Pixar’s recent increase in movie sequels.

However the decision could prove risky: whilst the Toy Story Trilogy proved a box office success, Cars 2 was a complete flop in comparison.

With movies original director Andrew Stanton already confirmed to direct Nemo once again, hopefully Pixar will be able to land themselves another commercial success in this sequel.

Speaking at the Hero Complex Film Festival Stanton recently defended Pixar’s growing reliance on sequels, saying: “It’s the originals that keep us really going and it’s the sequels that are like comfort food, and I think it’s the same for the audience.”

No reports have yet surfaced regarding Nemo’s upcoming escapades. With a possible 2016 release date it may be a while before any storylines begin to emerge.

Forthcoming for Pixar is Monsters University (you guessed it, another sequel) and an original animation, The Good Dinosaur.

The Original Finding Nemo is due for a 3D re-release September 14th.