The poster for ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two’ has been revealed sending Twilight fans into a wild frenzy.

Summit Entertainment unveiled the poster on Tuesday after hosting a countdown to the poster reveal, in which the image was uncovered piece by piece.

The poster, which is the last of the promotional images for The Twilight Saga shows Edward (Robert Pattinson) Bella (Kirsten Stewart) and Jacob (Taylor Lauther) running across a snowy and baron landscape, closely followed by various werewolves and Vampires. Above, the tagline ‘The epic final that will live forever’ hints at an impressive conclusion to the franchise.

Based on the trilogy by Stephanie Meyer, the Twilight movies have collected a loyal fan base. ‘Breaking Dawn – Part One,’ which was released in 2011, grossed over $700 million worldwide and had the 10th largest worldwide opening of all time.

Directed by Bill Condon (who also directed Breaking Dawn: Part One) Part Two follows Bella and Edward as they prepare for a showdown against the Voltiri (The vampire council), who voice concerns about the couple’s hybrid child Renesmee.

‘Breaking Dawn – Part Two’ hits screens November 16.