Deadpool might owe his humorous behavior to continued success. The bizarre character brought to the screen by Ryan Reynolds will have more to joke and smile about once Deadpool 2 hits theaters. According to, the projected gross for the film is $350 million worldwide. By the second weekend of release, Deadpool 2 should easily cross the $500 million mark. And these figures are likely conservative. Forecasters don’t like to predict greater grosses than what a film earns. This hurts credibility. When a movie far exceeds projections, credibility doesn’t always suffer. The end result would be Deadpool 2 hits its projected number-one spot at the worldwide box office.

Deadpool recently appeared on Stephen Colbert’s late night television show. That might help the opening weekend box office open even higher. The first Deadpool completely overperformed at the box office. Maybe the second one will do the same. A few things work in the favor of the sequel. Namely, the film has received even better critical reviews than the first outing. The critical reviews seem to be on par with Avengers: Infinity War. Fans love a good superhero movie. Deadpool 2 definitely rises beyond the level of being merely “good.”

Deadpool 2 won’t match the numbers of Black Panther or Avengers: Infinity War. Deadpool 2’s R-rating helps in some ways. The mature rating allows the film to stand apart from other hero films. That same rating does keep it from drawing in family audiences. Family numbers drive up ticket sales.

A more than $800 million worldwide box office gross seems reasonable for Deadpool 2. The film’s budget won’t be as high as other superhero films. The original Deadpool cost only $60 million. Other comic book films cost in the $200 million range. Even if the sequel comes in with a higher budget, the film will be well into a profit-generating range.

That means after the $350 million debut, the adventures of Deadpool shall continue.