Despite a distant release date, Lionsgate have revealed an animated poster for the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, ‘Catching Fire.’

Revealing little concerning the movie itself, the poster mirrors the cover of Suzanne Collins book, featuring Katniss Everdeen’s (Jennifer Lawrence) Mockingjay pin enshrouded in flames.

‘Catching Fire’ follows Katniss and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) as they undertake the Victor’s tour of the 12 Districts. However in a sinister twist President Snow (Donald Sutherland) announces the Quarter Quell, forcing Katniss and Peeta to fight for survival against previous games victors.

Francis Lawrence (‘Water for Elephants’) is directing the movie, and has also been confirmed as director of the franchises two-part final, ‘Mockingjay.’

Speaking to USA Today, Jennifer Lawrence discussed her delight in taking on the role of heroin Katniss: “It’s such an awesome thing to be part of something that speaks to so many young kids about something that actually matters, about what one young person can actually do.”

Production for ‘Catching Fire,’ the second installment in the dystopian franchise commenced last month in Atlanta, Georgia. The movie is due to for release November 22nd 2013.

Check out the ‘Catching Fire’ Motion Poster Below: